Natures EP

by Natures

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released May 16, 2014



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Natures Swindon, UK

We are young melodic hardcore band from the southwest of England. Est June 2012. We released our first single "Gold Summer" at the beginning of 2013 and followed that release with a second at the beginning of April titled "Bloom". We are super happy with the reaction and we thank you all for listening. We're are writing are debut EP hoping to be released before summer 2013. ... more

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Track Name: No Sound, Just A Painting Behind Your Days
no sound, just a painting behind your days
i remember when the trees stood quietly,
no sound just a painting behind these days,
filling my eyes with lies and uncertainty that it all just ends the same.
it all just ends the same

insides laced with gold,
a great release,
these memories hold,
pictures are hiding, a silver skin, a cold soul,
i can’t feel a fucking thing

desire to be the next good thing you’ll ever see,
and think what the hell went wrong

it all just ends the same
it all just ends the same

i remember when the trees stood quietly,
i’m standing quietly,
no sound, just a painting behind your days
Track Name: Passing
Such a beautiful face,
such a happy heart,
carrying on like nothings wrong,
wishing for the air to leave your lungs,
so you don't wake up tomorrow

Cover my eyes,
breathe my air,
take my life,
stay here

welcome the haven,
i’ll carry the coffin help you forget
and accept, that there is future,
you might just make it

You'd rather die with your eyes wide open,
to see the people cry,
in hope that they'd shed a tear,
for your anonymous life

She had a beautiful face,
a tired heart,
she couldn't hold on this time,
no life in her eyes,
now she's gone,
never breathing
Track Name: Leaving ft. Dan Edginton of The Cold Harbour
so your mind appears to change and take,
from me what love, what love was fake,
these precious endeavours we live through together a pain that lasts forever

where did you go again,
i lost another, a dear friend,
so frequent in my head are thoughts of you,

it’s all in my head, the things that you said, I’m leaving

where did you go again,
i lost another, a dear friend,
so frequent in my head are thoughts of you,
Track Name: Drowning
Silhouettes, pour on to lonely streets,
a lapse of light at the cities feet,
hiding the nameless,
starving the happiness that grows inside these walls.

A life, feeling neglect,
a heart, no longer connects.

Empty is home for me,
careless faces are all i see,
growing weaker,
through each day of the hell i live,

Empty is home for me,
i'm drowning in this shallow sea of jealousy,
give me the life i wanted,
the life i need.

Empty is home for me,
feeling sad has left me
Track Name: Keepsake
heart ache, keep sake,
i need you now, a friend
Track Name: Masquerade
a sign from the ocean
all boats out at sea
pretending this feeling
makes me believe
trying my hardest
to be content when I'm alone
but you'll see my true colours
when I can't pick up the phone
I know I'm not myself
I know its a charade
but the mask I am wearing
seems to stop the pain

I swear ill get better
And teach you again
what it means to be human
how to love you again

All I want is to warn you
how I'm feeling better now
but the words they won't come
and my throat is closing up

the sirens are alarming
the choir are frozen still
I wish I felt the pressure
a needed certain thrill
the days are slowing down
but my lungs are catching up
I swear I'm a good man
but my time is almost up